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Compliment: Steve Cruise family, they met another family with a golden doodle that had also adopted from

(small world)


I just wanted to tell you that we are absolutely thrilled with our new puppy. she is almost House,broken,& it was really quite easy,even with the snow. We changed the name from shelby -sadie. Thanks for having a great puppy for us. Sincerely, Jo Scholfield


Testimonials and pictures of puppies gone to their homes 2017


maltipo (L),minigoldendoodle(r)

Thanks for our sweet Gracie Girl!! ♥️ We couldn’t imagine our life without her!

1 Year Old-F1B Maltipoo

Hazel a maltipoo 2017

Janis- Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Henry!He is doing very well!We love him, He's eating great,sleeping great & just this week has rang the bell all by himself to go out & potty!!Hes like a teddy bear,so cuddly:)Chester had a little adjusting to do when we brought him home,but now they play& have become good pals!Thanks for another great dog. You guys are the best!Hope you & your family have a very merry Christmas. Love the Martins 2017


Photo from the Kelly Family

Sunny-1 Year Old Goldendoodle

Hazel a maltipoo 2017

Enzo at 1 yr. 8lbs(speedster)

He is extremely happy, smart, & loyal puppy. He loves meeting new people & new dogs & is always full of energy. He is a quick learner, kennel trained in 2 months. He is know how to sit.shake,ley down & stay. He is a very smart little guy.  Austin T.

Henry a F1b mini-goldendoodle  @1 year, 25lbs.  2017

Louis a mini-goldendoodle,his new home in California.
He's perfect in every way. We love him. Thanks you, what a Blessing, Amy Flowers
Marco (maltipoo from the Blantons) _ 1year
Marco (maltipoo from the Blantons) _ 1year.png pic4
Marco (maltipoo from the Blantons) _ 1year.png pic5
Marco (maltipoo from the Blantons) _ 1year.pngpic3

Arend & lexi Johnson with 1yr old mini-goldendoodle from countryacrespuppies.And newly adopted Farley :) He does attend dog day care. Is well trained, They tell me hes  very smart dog, he says he has trained him to go leash free at the parks:) Also very loyal. They needed a companion. They love him.

 From Ilinois.

Marc, Dawn, Matt & Amanda Blanton 2017

We have nothing but amazing things to say about Mattie.

She is adorable~very sweet~hilarious~super energetic~great personality. She is 8months 15lbs. She is all around a great dog. We couldnt be happer.Thanks again for such a great dog. Jake & Danielle

Katie Kunle-with f1b maltipoo (Carlis) 2017

Almost a year ago I picked up Louie from Countryacres puppies. He has since become my absolute best friend & love of my life. He has the best personality & loves to snuggle & play fetch.He is 7lbs. He now lives with me in my college apartment & great study  buddy. I cannot thank you guys enough for bringing Louie to me. I truly cant imgine life without him.

Trish Terrace, Missouri

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