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Flight Nanny Service

At this time we are not offering our services for

Nanny Flight.

 We are offering a Puppy Nanny service to fly with your puppy.

Estimated Flight Fee

cost of the puppy $1650.00+119.38(tax)

 Fee Include's

Puppy ticket $125.00

Randall's ticket: varies ($450)

Health certificate $75.00

Carrier $45.00

transportation to and from airport & parking $150.00


Puppy Handler,(Randall) fee: $40.00/hour

Please contact us for a flight fee estimate.  


Hi, Janis     2021

Wanted to Thank you again for providing us with an incredible experince while gettimg Mowgli (minigoldendoodle) 

Couple of updates he slept well the entire last night without waking up. Today we went to the vet & everything is well. 

Randall flew iwth the puppy to Buffalo, N.Y.  God Blessed him with a good trip:)

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