Nanny Flight Service

 We are offering a Puppy Nanny service to fly with your puppy.

Estimated Flight Fee

cost of the puppy $1447.88

 Fee Include's

Puppy ticket $125.00

Randall's ticket: varies ($450)

Health certificate $70.00

Carrier $40.00

Parking $40.00

Food: $20.00


Puppy Handler,(Randall) fee: $50.00/hour

This includes

transportation to and from airport

toll costs 

gas cost

Please contact us for a flight fee estimate.  

Business Hours:  Mon-Sat  8:00am-3:30pm  Closed Sunday 

We will be here Tues. evening until 5pm

Puppy visits are by appointment only. Thank you!

 Contact us today: 815-419-5245
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