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Cooper (poodle) has arrived at his new home. Groomer says he is the prefect poodle.

Poodle Information

At Country Acres Puppies we do our best to raise happy, and healthy Toy Poodle puppies. Toy Poodles are very adorable and super smart. These dogs are such warm companions, and are highly trainable.


 At Country Acres Puppies we raise pure breed Toy Poodles. All our adult Poodles are AKC registered. Our Toy Poodles are 8-12lbs on average, variations in size can occur with each litter. Our Toy Poodles are red and apriocot in color. These unique colors are highly sought after and our puppies find new homes quickly.  


Country Acres Poodle puppies have tremendous personalities, as they are intelligent, active, and are super loveable.  It is our family goal to raise your puppy in a nurturing environment where these positive attributes can grow.


The Toy Poodle puppy is a wonderful breed for family’s who want a small indoor dog, that is hypoallergenic. These puppies are also great with house training and learning tricks, when taught in a consistent manner. Poodles are very smart and very eager to learn. We can assure you that your Toy Poodle puppy will love and adore you and your family. Contact us today to meet your new puppy!


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