Mocha &Bear 



DOB; Jan 31

Go Home date:March 29th

approx adult weight: 10lb or under

Waiting list for Families waiting to pick out there puppies:

1.Anisha Deb

2.Francis Micor

3. Norb Kulig

Male; Dusty-5165

current weight: 2lb5oz

Reserved for: Francis Micor

Male; Mitch-5166

currant weight: 2lb 1oz

Reserved for :Norb Kulig

Male: Boston-5167

currant weight: 1lb 14oz

Reserved for: Anisha Deb

Business Hours:  Mon-Sat  8:00am-3:30pm  Closed Sunday 

We will be here Tues. evening until 5pm

Puppy visits are by appointment only. Thank you!

 Contact us today: 815-419-5245
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