Sophia & Chester 
F1b mini goldendoodle puppies
2females. 3 males 
born: oct9th
go home week: dec4th-2021
adoption price :$1550.00+tax
deposit is $200.00(non-refundable)

Sophia & Chesters 

F1b mini-goldendoodles puppies

the families on this waiting list get first pick of the litter.

1.Ashley R.

2.Adam R.

3.Amanda T.

4.Laura H.

5.Joseph A.


                    Female: Rese- 9399

                   Reserved for: Ashley R.

                            Female: Molly-0152

                           Currant weight: 3lbs

                            reserved for: 

                          Male: Benny-0154

                          Currant weight: 4.8lb

                          Reserved for: 

                            Male: Ranger-0153

                            Currant weight: 2.9lb

                             Reserved for: 

                      Male: Rocky-9400

                      Currant weight: 2.6lb

                      Reserved for: Adam R.