Sunny(toy poodle) & Cooper(7lbsmaltipoo)

maltipoo litter

Date of birth: March 27th-2022

Start going home date:May 23

Approx adult size 7-12lb

Adoption price: 1650.00+tax



These families get first pick of this litter:

1. Jennifer M.

2.Natalie L

3. Irene Wong

4. Will D.

5. Kitt A.



Female: Molly-194

currant weight: 2.3lb

Adoption price: 1650.00+tax

Female: Lilly -195

currant weight: 2.11lbs

adoption price: 1650.00+tax


Male: Triggar-196

currant weight: 3.6lb

Male: Kobe-197

currant weight: 2lbs

Male: Baxter- 198

currant weight: 2.35lbs