Rosie & Romeo F1B Goldendoodles

  Rosie is a 35lbs. Mini-goldendoodle and Romeo is an 7lb Toy Poodle.

Puppies are here

9 puppies

4 females 5 males

Coloring: apricot 

Date of Birth: April 14-2022

Adoption price: $1650.00 + tax

Go home week: June 9-2022

Non-refundable deposit of $200.00

Approx adult size is 12-20lbs 

The Families on this waiting list

get first pick of this litter:

1.Marcy O.

2.Lily Y.

3.Connie M.

4.Andrea C.

5.Akash N.

6.Allison  B.

7.Chad Sc.

8.Kimra A.

9.Haley S.