Josie& Chester 
(minigoldendoodle)Chester(toy poodle)
approx adult weight 12-18 lbs
Date of Birth: Jan 16
Go home date:March 13-2021

These puppies are all reserved

Families are waiting to pick out.

5Hailey Guisti

6.Amber Trowich

7.Karie Szetl

8.Darren O'Flanagan

9.Kendra Paulie

10.Jennifer Stocker

Female: Rosie-6470

curant weight: 3lb.7oz


Female: Sierra-6471

currant weight: 3lb 4oz

Reserved for Julie Perino

Female: Bella-6472

current weight: 2lb 7oz

Reserved for Joan O'Fanagan

Female: Sadie-6473

current weight: 2lbs

Reserved for Amber Trowitch

Female: Mandy -6474

current weight: 2lb 6oz.

Reserved for : Kendra Paulie

Female: Winnie-6475

currant weight: 2lbs

Reserved for Jennifer Stocker

Female: Brandy-5151

Currant weight: 1lb 8oz.

Reserved for: haley Guisti


Male: Bo -6466

Currant weight: 2lb 15oz.

Reserved for Bailey Beyers

Male: Jasper-6467

currant weight: 1lb15oz.

Reserved for Carrie Szeto

Male; Baxter-6468

Currant weight: 2lb 10oz.

Reserved for Maggie Fitzgerald

Male: Winter/Scout-6469

currant weight: 2lb .4oz10oz.

Reserved for : Devon Szeto

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We will be here Tues. evening until 5pm

Puppy visits are by appointment only. Thank you!

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