Josie & Chester F1B Goldendoodles Are Here!

 Josie is a 40lbs. Mini-goldendoodle and Chester is an 8lb Toy Poodle.

Date of Birth: April 9th, 2022

Go home week of June 4-2022

Adoption price: $1650.00 + tax

Approx. Adult Size: 12-20lbs


We are now taking non-refundable

$200.oo down-payments.

Waiting List For

Josie's Litter

1.Jessica G.

2.Jordyn Z.

3.Mare J.

4. Arpan G.

5.Jane K.

6.Matt W.

7.Diane S.



Male: Joe -2151

Currant weight: 4.33lb

Male: Oakley-2155

Currant weight: 3.7lbs